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The perfect light to dress up any pool!

by Diana on October 21, 2014

Pool Groovelights

Get your Christmas styling done right!

Groovelight Balls are totally waterproof! So not only can they go out in the rain but they can also be floated on the surface of your pool to totally transform your poolside entertaining. Groovelight Cubes are perfect to be used poolside as seating or occasional tables but cannot be immersed in water.

Once Groovelights are fully charged you remove them from their charging dock and take them outside for 8 hrs + of gorgeous colour changing mood lighting.


Get The Party Started

by Diana on October 12, 2014

Liven up your garden or pool party with these fun LED rechargeable, colour changing balls and Ollies 21st partycubes.

The balls are perfect for floating on your pool or placing around the garden as they are completely waterproof.

The cube takes centre stage as a waterproof colourful side table or stool to sit on.

Just charge then up and get the party started………


Create the perfect summer entertaining with gorgeous mood lighting anywhere you want, inside or out!! And better still with out the worry of dripping wax on precious surfaces, tripping over ugly power cords or endlessly relighting candles that keep blowing out.

Now thanks to the innovation of GROOVELIGHTS by Aussie Fit Trends you can. This versatile range of stylish modern lighting enhances the great aussie lifestyle we love to explore: be it a romantic dinner for two poolside, a backyard BBQ at dusk, birthday party in the garden or just a quite sunset drink on the deck at the end of another hectic day.

These “Groovy” new lights come in various sizes from 25- 50 cms and can be set on a range of colours including soothing white to cool blue or warm red. Made of heavy duty plastic you won’t have to worry about breakages and broken glass. Once the battery is fully charged enjoy over 8 hours of hassle-free lighting anywhere your imagination wants to take you. Suitable for any outdoor environment they are waterproof and provide ideal lighting solutions for all those difficult areas around your home, including floating on the surface of your pool! The handy remote control allows you to control the scene from wherever you are, changing colours to match what’s happening.

Summer is coming so isn’t it time to take the party outside with these funky, rechargeable, waterproof, energy efficient Groovelights – the answer to creating dreamy outdoor special effects wherever the mood strikes, all at the flick of a switch.


(The slight flickering of the Groovelights is due to the speed of the camera and is not detected in actual use by the human eye.)


“We Love our Groovelights!”

by Diana on August 24, 2014

One of our customers sent us this photo of their beautiful Groovelights lighting up their Wednesday Night at home. Their note to us was “We love our Groovelights”.

And we love the composition Shahn and Tim!


Groovelights have landed!

by Diana on February 14, 2014

Our container of Groovelights has landed on Valentines Day!!

Our gorgeous, groovy lights are at last in our warehouse ready to be shipped to you to light up your house and garden with some fun, funky, colourful mood lighting.

We’ll be turning on the beautiful reds and pinks in our lights to celebrate this day of romance.

We hope you celebrate this day with the ones you love! Happy Valentines Day!

We are shipping for free around Australia when you order $200.00 or more.


Diana and the Team


Who are we?

by Diana on November 24, 2011

Our team has been supplying the Australian market with innovative and quality products since 1989. All our products are researched and designed to have a natural FIT with your active, outdoor Aussie Lifestyle.

We have over twenty years experience in both service and supply of our fitness and lifestyle products to retail stores and directly to customers via our online shop.

Aussie Fit Trends was developed in 2011 and evolved from our desire to bring to you innovative and unique products that combine both design and function to enhance your outdoor lifestyle.

We back up our promise of providing quality products and service by offering you a money back guarantee and warranty.

Your complete satisfaction in both our service and products is our goal.